MaTilda Holland House Books (January 2019) My novella MaTilda looks at feminism and mental health, through the lives of two versions of the same woman- Matilda and Tilda.

The Female Gaze I am the creator and editor of The Female Gaze project. This (so far) includes an online magazine and a piece of theatre, both focusing on women in film. Our zine can be purchased here.

I’m all for Halloween horror, but don’t make people with mental illness into monsters The Guardian (October 2018)

Young Writers’ Anthology 2017 Electric Reads (December 2017) The first chapter of my novella Ma/Tilda is in this anthology.



Introduction X : The Poetry Business Book of New Poets Smith/Doorstop (September 2017): Contains my poems Psychosomatic and The Girl Who Lived in a House Made of Books. Available here: 



The Rooms Alphabetti Theatre/Arts Council England (October 2016): Contains my script Word Salad about the speech patterns of people with Schizophrenia. ISBN 978-1539463269. Here is a review of the production in the British Theatre Guide:


Voices Survivor’s Press (August 2016): My debut collection of poetry. Here is what poet Helen Mort has to say about it: “Sarah Gonnet’s poems are raw, unflinching and often witty. Here is a writer who is committed to capturing the real nature of experiences, not just our idea of them.”  A review of the book by Sabotage Reviews can be found here:

venn Unstapled Press (March 2016): An anthology of poems about gender. Contains my poems Baby Baby and Knitting.


Short Not Sweet IRON Press/Red Squirrel Press (October 2014): An anthology of short stories from writers in the North-East. Contains my story about OCD and waiting room romance: Impulse.


Students: Could you be an Autodidact? The Guardian (February 2013)

Disability and Access to Creative Writing Education Writing in Education NAWE (Summer 2018) My article on disability and access to creative writing education was published in this academic journal.

Hypergraphia is an online hybrid text which can be found here:

I have also been published by: Visceral Magazine, Luna Luna Magazine, Sabotage Reviews, The Journal, The Crack, Sentinel Quartely, Firewords Quarterly, PANK, Jotters United, The Cadaverine, Silhouette Press, Quench Magazine, Dirty Press, The Recusant.

I was Reviewer in Residence at Northern Stage in winter 2015 and at Live Theatre in July 2016. I was also Reviewer in Residence at Inpress Books in March 2016.